Project Reports

Over the past few years we have facilitated some exciting participatory video programmes during which we worked with inspiring people on six different continents. The project reports below provide insight into the stories, impacts and learning from these programmes.

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CWE Media Hubs Impact Report 2009-2011

As part of the 'Conversations with the Earth — Indigenous Voices on Climate Change' programme InsightShare has supported the development of an indigenous media network around the world. Since 2009 the participatory video process has helped inspire indigenous communities across five continents to work together to protect the planet for future generations. This impact report summarises their stories and the story of InsightShare's contribution to the programme.

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Video Girls for Change Programme Report

The 'Video Girls for Change' initiative supported adolescent girls, who are part of empowerment projects, to take a leading role in evaluating girl programming. It contains the outcomes and key learning from this programme that was funded by the Nike Foundation and ran in parallel in two countries with two different program implementers: Population Council Guatemala and BRAC Uganda. This report describes how during 7 months, 12 adolescent girl trainees in each country learnt how to use participatory video combined with the Most Significant Change Technique to support 450 other girls to share their stories of change. 

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Participatory Video with Farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa Programme Report

Through this unique programme farming communities from Angola, Cote D'Ivoire, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa and Uganda used video to explore issues affecting their environment and their adaptation strategies to coping with the effects of global climate change. This final programme report aims to present an overview of the six participatory video projects undertaken between January and August 2012. It represents a synthesis of the detailed narrative reports produced by InsightShare’s facilitators, with additional content drawn from conversations with key staff from local partners, UK agencies and the facilitators themselves. In addition it presents conclusions and recommendations drawn from an overview of the collated information.

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